BPPT Returns

By Fawn Smith

In the coming weeks, you will receive a business personal property tax return, from Madison County, that will need to be completed by 12/31/2018 for the 10/01/2017-09/30/2018 period. We highly encourage you to take this time to review your asset records for any assets that have been disposed of or sold.  Our experience with new clients has shown that many companies neglect this return and continue to include assets that have been disposed of for several years.  In other words, clients are paying taxes on property that they no longer own.

If you filed a BPPT return last year, you should have already received your property tax bill in the mail for the 10/1/2016-09/30/2017 period.  If you filed a BPPT return in previous years, you are now able to file your business property tax return online via the link below.  Simply use the account number and access code reported on your BPPT return that you received in the mail.  https://www.oppal.alabama.gov/WebForm/Home/Index
If you are a first-year filer for BPPT returns in Madison County, Alabama, you will need to complete the form found online at the link below and mail it to:  100 Northside Square, Huntsville, AL 35801.  http://madisoncountyal.gov/departments/tax-assessor/tax-assessor-forms

In addition, this is an ideal time of year to begin a property management system.  Tracking your assets through a simple tag system can help your business understand the age, placement, and value of those assets.  If you are a government contractor, take care not to inadvertently include government furnished equipment on your asset lists.  As always, if you need assistance with your property management system or related policies and procedures, please let us know.