JAMIS: A Fresh, Modern Alternative for GovCon Job Cost Accounting

Are you looking for a GovCon accounting software package that is user-friendly and technically up-to-date, while at the same time in compliance with DCAA requirements? JAMIS is a GovCon ERP solution that has been in the business for 26 years. After researching the product and attending a week-long training on the system, there was little about the software with which I could find fault. It’s simply beautiful (for a job cost accountant). It’s refreshing to find a system that is designed with the end-user in mind. “Efficient” is a word I continually heard while interviewing current users as well as implementers who have spent their lifetime implementing various GovCon solutions.  The product is designed so that time-savings and ease of use is gained by low-staffed accounting and program control departments.  Below are a few highlights of the system.

  • Easily configurable dashboards for every employee in the company. Executives can access charts/reports to run real time, decision-critical information at the click of a mouse.  No more waiting for reports to be run, reviewed, tweaked and sent from accounting or program control.  Program Managers can view remaining project funding, project profitability as well as employee profitability, employee availability, hours, etc. every time they log into the system.
  • Job Costing/Burdening is calculated and released (JAMIS’s term for posted) at the time of the transaction. This allows decision makers the ability to see the profitability of any project/employee as soon as the transaction is processed and released into the system.
  • Burdens are controlled by the “three keys:” a combination of the org, cost element and work breakdown structure (project). It is completely independent of the GL account and makes the burdening much more flexible and (for me) easier to follow and understand.  There is an unlimited number of pools.
  • The system is designed so that DCAA compliance can be obtained. It separates costs between cost objectives so that costs directly attributable to a contracts objective can be correctly charged to that objective.  Indirect costs can be collected and allocated to a project based on the allocation base.
  • Implementations are designed and organized with the client and end-user in mind. Expectations and needs are determined up front while planning the implementation to ensure these objectives are met.  Training is planned and evaluated throughout the implementation so that the end users are comfortable with their daily jobs once the system is live.  JAMIS designs the implementation so that the client will be successful in establishing and carrying out their customized processes after they “go-live.”  They do not set up the customer to be dependent on their consulting services in order to use the system.  They are truly a “client-first” company.
  • Processes, documentation, tips & tricks and FAQ’s are all contained within the ERP. Common problems other users have experienced are documented in tips & tricks for the benefit of all users.  A wealth of knowledge is easily searchable within the ERP.  Processes can be customizable to your company and saved within the ERP.   No need to keep a separate process binder outside the system.
  • JAMIS contains a complete document management system so that any document (invoices, contracts, receipts, etc.) can be uploaded and stored with the corresponding transaction.
  • Planning/Budgeting is contained within the ERP and pulls in actual project, employee and accounting data. Proposal projects can be setup in the system, combined with the current actual contracts and current staffing to determine potential effect on rates, employee needs, etc.    Once the proposal has been won, the proposal project can easily be updated with actual contract data and moved to an active status for charging.
  • Efficient, modern HR/Payroll modules are available for those companies who want to process payroll internally. Options to upload payroll to external payroll companies are available for those companies who would rather pass that function off to someone else.  (Please note the HR/Payroll module is currently in a separate application, but is fully integrated with JAMIS Prime so that there is no duplication of effort.  JAMIS is in the process of integrating HR and Payroll into their ERP application and hope to release Payroll in late summer 2016 and HR in 2017.)

As you can see, JAMIS has much to offer the government contractor, and at a reasonable price.