In addition to traditional accounting services, Hall Albright Garrison & Barnes has experience providing consulting services in the following areas:

Accounting System Implementation

Most businesses require some form of electronic data processing for their accounting information needs. Whether these systems are simple or complex, they must be installed correctly to operate properly. We are not only familiar with accounting software, we have knowledge of most equipment and operating systems. Therefore, we are a perfect fit to assist with the selection and implementation of a business’s accounting systems.

Additionally, our firm is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, which provides us with the software, support, information, and resources necessary to provide outstanding service and support to all our QuickBooks clients.

Training of accounting personnel

An accounting system is no better than the people who operate it. Although a business owner needs to be intimately familiar with the day to day operations of the business and the accounting work flow, he or she is often not the best person to train accounting personnel. Hall Albright Garrison & Barnes can provide accounting procedures and techniques for your specific business and industry, and provide the training your accounting staff needs to help the accounting process run smoothly.

Projections and profit planning

Often, businesses need projections and profit planning to forecast the results of future operations to satisfy bank requirements, to effectively bid on a government or private contracts, or to use internally to make management decisions. Although projections and profit planning are very similar calculations, projections attempt to forecast the results of operations and financial conditions based upon a set (or several sets) of assumptions. Profit planning instead aims to establish performance goals at the sales level in order to achieve a desired level of profit. Regardless of whether you need a projection or a profit plan, Hall Albright Garrison & Barnes has the experience and industry knowledge to assist you, no matter the size and nature of your business.

Litigation Support and/or Expert Witness Testimony

Occasionally, in instances of divorce, probate of an estate, corporate oppression, or buy/sell agreements, questions may arise regarding the value of a business. Frequently, the books, records, financial statements, and tax returns of an enterprise are the best evidence available in these situations. Hall Albright Garrison & Barnes has the expertise to insure this evidence is properly interpreted. If Hall Albright Garrison & Barnes has a disagreement with other parties’ interpretation of this matter, we are also able to provide Expert Witness Testimony.

Business Valuation

Litigation support is not the only reason to seek a business valuation. Business valuations are also necessary in the following situations:

  • Estate planning
  • Estate tax return preparation
  • Sale of a business
  • Purchase of a business
  • Employee Stock Option Program (ESOP) implementation
  • Obtaining insurance for a buy/sell agreement
  • Obtaining insurance for business interruption

Regardless of the circumstances, Hall Albright Garrison & Barnes will be able to work with you to provide an accurate and fair value of your business.