Annual Incurred Cost Submissions

Complete of Partial Preparation of year end Incurred Cost Submission

Full preparation of ICE based on accounting system or financial reports from accounting system
Partial preparation of any piece of the ICE
Providing assistance to client’s staff in preparation of the ICE
Providing consulting services to client’s regarding all ICE related questions such as

“Am I required to file an ICE?”
“What is the significance of the ICE?”
“How should I setup my ICE file?”

Reviewing Year End Incurred Cost Submission for Adequacy

Client’s often prepare the ICE themselves and rely on our expertise to reconcile and review their ICE
Our review process helps to validate ICE data internally and externally. The processes we use are similar to processes that DCAA will perform in an ICE audit.

Advice to Simplify Future Filings

We have developed a set of best practices that we can help clients incorporate to their processes
These practices will help make the process of completing the ICE easier and more reliable
Proper accounting system structure can reduce the complexity of the ICE vastly

Assistance during DCAA Incurred Cost Audits

We can assist in DCAA ICE audits even if we did not help prepare or review the ICE being audited
Our experience with the ice helps us understand better what DCAA is looking for and how to help them complete their audit quickly and efficiently
DCAA audits often require a large amount of time from accounting departments. Our team can help with inquiries and audit requests to keep your company running smoothly

Annual Incurred Cost Training Seminar

We provide an annual ICE seminar to educate new and experienced professionals in the government contract industry of the ICE process
This seminar will help you understand ICE and how to prepare them correctly
This venue also provides a great opportunity to ask any questions you have to experts, or fellow ICE preparers