Day to Day Contract Administration

Contract Brief Preparation Upon Award

Provides a synopsis of all pertinent contract provisions
Summarizes contract type and funding structure (CLINS/SLINS, ceilings on rates, and profit)
Period of Performance, closeout instructions
Notes all deliverables, their formats, due dates and who they get sent to
Provides accounting with billing instructions
Identifies pertinent clauses i.e. insurance requirements, penalty for unallowable cost, limitation of cost and/or limitation of funds,
Points of Contact

Annual Requirements

ICE submission
GFE Reporting
Patent reporting
CMR reporting
Reps and certs collection from subcontractors


Contract interpretation of closeout requirements
Coordination of form completion by subcontractors (Data call management)
Accounting System reconciliation

Day to Day Contract Administration

Contract brief preparation upon award
Charge number structure guidance
Spend plan creation and funding projections
Contractor manpower reporting
Deliverables coordination and submittal
Government furnished equipment reporting
Non disclosure agreements/review and preparation
Representations and certifications
ITAR/EAR exports and technical assistance agreements
Teaming agreements review/preparation
Joint venture formation/agreements
Subcontract review/preparation
Contractor purchasing system reviews
Training seminars at your facility
SBA program assistance
GSA schedule modifications