FAR/DFAR Compliance

Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR)

Complete development of procurement policies or updates as needed
Reviewing existing policies for compliance
Review of awarded files to ensure compliance with established policies and public laws
Assistance in preparing for an audit

Policies & Procedures

Full development of policies based on discussions with personnel and informal established practices
Revisions or updates to existing policies
Perform a mock CPSR audit
Providing consulting services to client’s regarding any CPSR questions/concerns

Assistance during DCMA CPSR audits

We can assist in DCMA CPSR audits even if we did not develop the procedures being audited
DCMA audits often require a large amount of time from both your procurement and contracts departments. Our team can help with inquiries and responding to any questions

Assistance with other Misc Questions including the topics below:

Cost allowability
Direct versus indirect cost
Competition requirements
Application of labor laws
Government property
Approval to subcontract
Travel regulations
Government rights to technical data