Human Resources

Labor Law Compliance

Federal and State laws:
Benefit plan filing and disclosures
EEO and VETS reporting
Labor law posters
Record retention requirements
Can you identify these acronyms and provide a general provision of each?


With over 50 federal and state labor laws, we can provide strategies in order to be compliant.
Labor law posters:
What posters should be on display?
What are the posting requirements?

Employee Handbook and Company Policies

Why have one?
These are your most important tools for communicating your company’s culture, employment policies and expectations, and benefits.
HAGB HR can review and provide compliance advice on your current handbook and/or policies.
Don’t have one? HAGB can create a simple employee handbook that will be customized to your company.

Talent Management

Need employees?
HAGB HR will work with managers to gain an understanding of staffing needs.

Layout a recruiting plan
Assist in the hiring process
Establish a new employee orientation
Provide an on boarding package

Employee Issue Resolution

Conflict management

Documentation advice
Performance issues

Are performance reviews conducted?
How often?
What is the company’s stance on employee reviews?
Are employees happy with the current process?
To help prevent conflicts and performance issues as well as possible legal claims, a disciplinary process policy will outline the action plan and consequences.

On Site Training

Ethics and anti-harassment
Do your employees know the company’s definition of “ethics”?
Is sexual harassment a form of sex discrimination?
HAGB HR can provide either on-site training or training at the firm’s office.
The goal is to reduce any business risks in which engaging or tolerating behaviors have been identified.