Starting a New Business in Alabama

By: Joyce Rinaldi

Did you know about Alabama’s new business guide? You can find it online at This guide provides information on where and how to register a new business, how to register accounts for employment taxes, how to make tax payments electronically, and includes specific information regarding Alabama taxes such as: sales/use/business tax, consumer use tax, withholding tax, individual and corporate tax, business privilege tax, and property tax, among others. Most sections include the following:

  • General information about the tax
  • Who must report and pay the tax
  • Report and tax due dates
  • The tax rate (if applicable)
  • Penalties and discounts

Other helpful areas in this guide include general information and reporting requirements for various business entities, information on electronic payment setup and remittance, and contact information for many Alabama agencies and divisions.
If you or your company would like more information about starting a new business in Alabama, please contact one of our business services specialists at (256) 539-8002.