VETS 4212

By Jessie Jackson

VETS 4212 is a Department of Labor Veterans’ Employment and Training Service filing that has been incorporated into FAR Part 52.222-37. The report is due annually and your company is required to keep the past three years on file. The form VETS 4212 request job category, hiring location, and the total number of protected veteran employees including new hires.

This filing is a requirement for all prime and subcontractors that have at least $150,000 in Federal contract awards as of October 1st 2015. If you have a contract prior to October 2015 that is at least $100,000 you must file the VETS 4212. Federal contract is defined as “any agreement, or modification thereof, between any person and a department, agency, establishment or instrumentality of the United States Government for the purchase, sale, or use of personal services and non-personal services (including construction).”  Source:  Department of Labor, Federal Contractor Program
The VETS 4212 is due by September 30th. When filing for number of employees you want to use July 1 to August 31 of the current year for the period. When filing for new hires you will use the 12-month period preceding August 31st.

Take a look at your contracts and if the FAR 52.222-37 is included, then you will need to file.
The actual filing is a fairly simple form, just report the total number of Protected Veterans Hired and employed for the reporting period. The preferred method to file is online by creating an account. The form can be found at: